Do you three way………………………………………text?

First of all, get your minds out of the gutter. This is a serious blog about a serious, and growing, phenomenon– those who converse via technology with multiple people at the same time (i.e. polyconversationalists). That’s right–participating in three, four or even more conversations taking place at the same time.

What happened to mono convos (i.e. talking with one person at a time)?
What happened to mono convos (i.e. talking with one person at a time)?

Some of you (who I’ll call monoconversationalists) may be reading this and think, “appalling!” While others are reading this and simultaneously chatting with four friends about four different topics (gotcha!).

I conducted a brief survey yesterday on Twitter which asked, “Do you text/chat/IM more than two people at the same time?” The results? 37 people (or 82% said yes) while 8 people (or 18%) said no.

While this is not a formal survey, I do believe this accurately reflects the ratio of those who conduct multiple conversations at a single time.

According to one Twitter friend, “If you use Twitter aren’t you automatically engaging in multiple conversations?” Based on my personal experience, I would answer yes. One Twitter follower, @meresgreen makes the conscious choice to not engage in more than two conversations at a time. Another Twitter follower, @nwjerseyliz (and Top 50 Tweeple) also voiced her opposition to the multiple conversations at a time.

While both points are extremely valid, it appears that they are in the minority and that more and more people are polyconversationalists (new word, ha).

A great point to keep in mind, just because a person engages in multiple conversations in one social media vehicle does not mean they do it in all social media vehicles. Thanks @tcharles.

I must admit, I am very guilty of participating in multiple virtual conversations at one time. I could never accomplish this feat were I in face-to-face interaction, but as far as virtual conversations go I’m becoming a pro. Which begs me to ask the question–is this a positive or a negative?

What’s your opinion?

JUST ANNOUNCED: Unofficial 2008 Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW




Thanks to @PCfirestorm for designing logo!
Thanks to @PCfirestorm for designing logo!






Thanks to all for playing, this was a FUN experience. With more than 900 voters and 2,500 tweeples voted for, the Twitter community definitely used their voice! I’m already looking forward to the 2009 contest. 🙂   

Are you following these tweeps? If not, you should! Voted for by their peers, the Unofficial Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW are those who provide valuable, informative and/or just plain fun content. The Top 50 winners are listed in order by number of votes received. If you are a Top 50 twerson, please email me at prsarahevans at gmail dot com to receive the HTML code for your “winners badge.” 


1.      popgloss (Up and Coming Tweeples)
2.      skydiver (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
3.      chrisbrogan (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
4.      jennalloyd (News/Media)
5.      coachdeb (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
6.      marismith (Up and Coming Tweeples)
7.      barefoot_exec (Entrepreneur)
8.      agingbackwards (Lifestyle/Entertainment)
9.      guykawasaki (Technology/Web 2.0)
10. newmediajim (News/Media)
11. garyvee (Entrepreneur)
12. mashable (News/Media)
13. realestatechick (Other)
14. fussypants (Other)
15. problogger (Technology/Web 2.0)
16. badbanana (Other)
17. jowyang (Technology/Web 2.0)
18. nwjerseyliz (Up and Coming Tweeples)
19. Scobleizer (News/Media)
20. briansolis (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
21. pistachio (Up and Coming Tweeples)
22. timoreilly (Technology/Web 2.0)
23. williecrawford (Entrepreneur)
24. mailourmilitary (Education)
25. dreaminaction (Up and Coming Tweeples)
26. joehageonline (Up and Coming Tweeples)
27. pprlisa (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
28. warrenwhitlock (Technology/Web 2.0)
29. statesman (News/Media)
30. jeanannvk (Entrepreneur)
31. jpostman (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
32. pitchengine (News/Media)
33. megfowler (Entertainment)
34. stacybrice (Technology/Web 2.0)
35. sweetsue (Up and Coming Tweeples)
36. auctiondirect (Automotive)
37. drmommy (Business/Finance)
38. annepmitchell (Technology/Web 2.0)
39. zachflauaus (Up and Coming Tweeples)
40. jessicaknows (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
41. laniar (Entrepreneur)
42. married (Home/Family)
43. techcrunch (Technology/Web 2.0)
44. gwenbell (Other)
45. katjapresnal (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
46. napp_news (News/Media)
47. fakesarahpalin (Government/Politics)
48. cheeky_geeky (Government/Politics)
49. jspepper (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
50.  ezrabutler (Other)

Special thank you to @PCfirestorm @bizownersonline @rorystern for your assistance. You are amazing!

Lather, Rinse, Retweet…

I wonder what YOU think about using repetition as a tactic in social media. I wonder what YOU think about using repetition as a tactic in social media.


Seriously though. A follower of mine made a good point today. She said something like “Sarah, while you are awesome and wonderful in so many ways, you tend to repeat yourself a lot.” (Um, she really only said the last seven words.)


Here’s the thing. She was right. I do repeat myself a lot. I actually do it on purpose. Why? I assume that maybe one in seven times I post something people will notice it. Am I crazy for thinking that? If I use the Top 50 Tweeples contest as an example…this tactic completely worked. Now…if I was telling people the ingredients of my Hamburger Helper over and over again, they might get a little ticked, right? If the information you are repeating is valuable to the reader, it’s okay.


BE THE CONTENT WHICH INTERESTS VIEWERS, NOT THAT WHICH INTERRUPTS THEM. (I stole a version of this from someone and I don’t know who…don’t think it was published.) How can I interest someone if they don’t notice me. Somtimes breaking the rules isn’t all that bad. And with that, I leave you my friends.


Good night!

If you use Twitter, read this. “Of the tweeples, by the tweeples…”

Okay small, but mighty (and growing) network. I did something crazy today…

I launched the Unofficial Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW Guide contest (i.e. the who’s who of Twitter 2008).

Why? I jokingly added the tag line “Of the tweeples, by the tweeples.”  But, it’s no joke. I mean it.  I wanted to create something that the people who actually “tweet” own. A chance to test our voice. While the idea of a Top 50 guide is all in good fun, I am going to compile the results  and share with the entire tworld (or at least those following me and those who decide to retweet). Will anyone be laughing? Or…will the results be treated as a credible source? Warren Whitlock is already blogging about the contest, Do you follow the most popular tweeple? That’s got to mean something!

I don’t know the answers to the above questions, but I do know that we need to keep people voting until the survey closes on October 7 at 1:00 p.m. CST with recipients announced on October 8 at 9:00 a.m. CST.  The more votes, perhaps the more credibility. We won’t know until it’s over.

Voting is underway! The UNOFFICIAL Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW contest  (pls RT!) #twittop50

Connecting so fast I freaked!

In the spirit of my need for speed, my newest post…  As I’m building relationships on social networks, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (or tweeting) various experts.  I put a request out into the universe and it’s answered by those well qualified to do so.  For instance, just tonight I was struggling on what to do with my blog (as I’m a relative newbie). Instead of pulling out my hair strand by strand (which is actually very painful), I submitted a request to my Twitter family (i.e. twamily) asking for help.  Within three minutes I had three responses. No lie. Within 10 minutes, I connected with two people who offered me good advice and provided me with tools to make changes (hence the new look – which no one may notice since this is a new blog).

My experience tonight is exactly what I want you to experience when you connect with me. (I also want you to shamelessly talk about your experience all over the blogosphere).

With that, I’m going to sleep………………..right……………………now.

From tweet to chat

If you haven’t figured it out by now, my goal is to keep all of my postings “short and sweet.” Your time is valuable, my time is valuable…so let’s make the most of it. Agreed? Good.

I had my first official 1:1 tweet up this morning with @deremiah_CPE and it was awesome. Ideas were flowing, creativity busting at the seams…all at the local IHOP. We connected per chance via Twitter, discovered we had a lot in common and live only 15 minutes from one another. 

During our inspirational breakfast we discovered ways to connect the other with a wider circle of influence. So, in my mission to connect good people with other good people, check out Deremiah.

Now that I’ve connected with Deremiah, I want to meet you, too.

Hit me up via any social network, next time you’re in the Chicago area…or if you never come to Chicago, contact me via Skype (prsarahelizabeth). If you are an engaging conversationalist, care about leaving the world a better place AND have good stuff to share, then I’ll blog about it for all my network to enjoy.

Even better, contact me now

6 things, 6 tags (Chain Letter ’08)

Thanks @popdaddy for tagging me. This is my first official e-chain request. So, here goes…

Six Interesting Things about Me

1. I’m destined to live in the shadow of celebrity names. My maiden name was Parker (i.e. Sarah Jessica Parker-fashionista/actress) and my married name is Evans (i.e. Sara Evans-country singer)

2. I was involved in musical theater all of my pre-adult life (Yes, Waiting for Guffman is an accurate portrayal)

3. A re-occurring Saturday Night Live skit could be written about my mom and Grandma…Funny, eccentric Italian ladies on a mission to feed the world

4. I used to name the cows my dad raises, until one night over steak he told me I was eating “Pharris.” True story.

5. I’m obsessed with anything Audrey Hepburn (My husband even wore a white tux at our wedding to resemble David from “Sabrina”).

6. I love animals. If I ever win the lottery (which I guess I have to play first) I’m buying a ton of land and rescuing them all!

Tag, You’re It

@dr4ward (Thanks for helping me out with the Twitter Handbook!)
@skydiver Just because I LOVE Help a Reporter Out!
@ijeanes Recruitment consultant of the future and just because you seem fun! @tawnypress VP of design and development for eLearning PLUS you friended me on Facebook!

@jaimieH I like what you do and both my grandma and brother-in-law have diabetes
@sharonMcP Social media diva and you sent me great Twools (Twitter tools) just for following you!

Official Rules
1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on the blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know they have been tagged.
6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.