JUST ANNOUNCED: Unofficial 2008 Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW




Thanks to @PCfirestorm for designing logo!
Thanks to @PCfirestorm for designing logo!






Thanks to all for playing, this was a FUN experience. With more than 900 voters and 2,500 tweeples voted for, the Twitter community definitely used their voice! I’m already looking forward to the 2009 contest. 🙂   

Are you following these tweeps? If not, you should! Voted for by their peers, the Unofficial Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW are those who provide valuable, informative and/or just plain fun content. The Top 50 winners are listed in order by number of votes received. If you are a Top 50 twerson, please email me at prsarahevans at gmail dot com to receive the HTML code for your “winners badge.” 


1.      popgloss (Up and Coming Tweeples)
2.      skydiver (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
3.      chrisbrogan (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
4.      jennalloyd (News/Media)
5.      coachdeb (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
6.      marismith (Up and Coming Tweeples)
7.      barefoot_exec (Entrepreneur)
8.      agingbackwards (Lifestyle/Entertainment)
9.      guykawasaki (Technology/Web 2.0)
10. newmediajim (News/Media)
11. garyvee (Entrepreneur)
12. mashable (News/Media)
13. realestatechick (Other)
14. fussypants (Other)
15. problogger (Technology/Web 2.0)
16. badbanana (Other)
17. jowyang (Technology/Web 2.0)
18. nwjerseyliz (Up and Coming Tweeples)
19. Scobleizer (News/Media)
20. briansolis (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
21. pistachio (Up and Coming Tweeples)
22. timoreilly (Technology/Web 2.0)
23. williecrawford (Entrepreneur)
24. mailourmilitary (Education)
25. dreaminaction (Up and Coming Tweeples)
26. joehageonline (Up and Coming Tweeples)
27. pprlisa (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
28. warrenwhitlock (Technology/Web 2.0)
29. statesman (News/Media)
30. jeanannvk (Entrepreneur)
31. jpostman (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
32. pitchengine (News/Media)
33. megfowler (Entertainment)
34. stacybrice (Technology/Web 2.0)
35. sweetsue (Up and Coming Tweeples)
36. auctiondirect (Automotive)
37. drmommy (Business/Finance)
38. annepmitchell (Technology/Web 2.0)
39. zachflauaus (Up and Coming Tweeples)
40. jessicaknows (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
41. laniar (Entrepreneur)
42. married (Home/Family)
43. techcrunch (Technology/Web 2.0)
44. gwenbell (Other)
45. katjapresnal (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
46. napp_news (News/Media)
47. fakesarahpalin (Government/Politics)
48. cheeky_geeky (Government/Politics)
49. jspepper (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
50.  ezrabutler (Other)

Special thank you to @PCfirestorm @bizownersonline @rorystern for your assistance. You are amazing!

Top 50 Tweeples contest – Who’s NOT talking about it?

The brand new Top 50 Tweeples logo (Thanks @PCfirestorm)
The brand new Top 50 Tweeples logo (Thanks @PCfirestorm)

Hey tworld. YOU are making amazing things happen. That’s right Mashable, Chris Brogan, Warren WhitlockMicroblink and Pitchengine are just a few super cool tweeps talking about the Top 50 Tweeples contest. (Not to mention all of the great promotion sent out by each of you.)  


It begs me to ask the question, who are some other cool tweeps NOT talking about it? Reach out to your networks today, right now, and get them voting. We could make Twitter history! Well, maybe that’s a little presumptious, but heck, I’m up for it if you are.


I’ll go first. Hey Peter Shankman. You’re a big dog. Are you talking about the Top 50 Tweeples contest? Your tweeples are certainly voting for you. Want to help us out? (I have much love for Peter Shankman, by the way. And if he ever called me out on something I think I would die.)

NOTE: Since the original post, Mr. Peter “HARO” Shankman sent out a request to his network. Woooohooo! Pretty darn cool…the power of annoyance. 🙂 THANK YOU! 

As of today, day 5, we’ve had more than 700 tweeples submitted. With one week left, great things are upon us. Thank you for making this so much FUN!


To make it even easier, copy and paste text below and RT (retweet) away: Pls RT: did YOU tell anyone about the Top 50 Tweeples to follow contest today? http://poprl.com/1Kl (voting ends oct 7)

If you use Twitter, read this. “Of the tweeples, by the tweeples…”

Okay small, but mighty (and growing) network. I did something crazy today…

I launched the Unofficial Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW Guide contest (i.e. the who’s who of Twitter 2008).

Why? I jokingly added the tag line “Of the tweeples, by the tweeples.”  But, it’s no joke. I mean it.  I wanted to create something that the people who actually “tweet” own. A chance to test our voice. While the idea of a Top 50 guide is all in good fun, I am going to compile the results  and share with the entire tworld (or at least those following me and those who decide to retweet). Will anyone be laughing? Or…will the results be treated as a credible source? Warren Whitlock is already blogging about the contest, Do you follow the most popular tweeple? That’s got to mean something!

I don’t know the answers to the above questions, but I do know that we need to keep people voting until the survey closes on October 7 at 1:00 p.m. CST with recipients announced on October 8 at 9:00 a.m. CST.  The more votes, perhaps the more credibility. We won’t know until it’s over.

Voting is underway! The UNOFFICIAL Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW contest  http://tinyurl.com/4tdkfo  (pls RT!) #twittop50