Lather, Rinse, Retweet…

I wonder what YOU think about using repetition as a tactic in social media. I wonder what YOU think about using repetition as a tactic in social media.


Seriously though. A follower of mine made a good point today. She said something like “Sarah, while you are awesome and wonderful in so many ways, you tend to repeat yourself a lot.” (Um, she really only said the last seven words.)


Here’s the thing. She was right. I do repeat myself a lot. I actually do it on purpose. Why? I assume that maybe one in seven times I post something people will notice it. Am I crazy for thinking that? If I use the Top 50 Tweeples contest as an example…this tactic completely worked. Now…if I was telling people the ingredients of my Hamburger Helper over and over again, they might get a little ticked, right? If the information you are repeating is valuable to the reader, it’s okay.


BE THE CONTENT WHICH INTERESTS VIEWERS, NOT THAT WHICH INTERRUPTS THEM. (I stole a version of this from someone and I don’t know who…don’t think it was published.) How can I interest someone if they don’t notice me. Somtimes breaking the rules isn’t all that bad. And with that, I leave you my friends.


Good night!

“Do you know anyone who…?”

The ULTIMATE social networking!

On a daily basis I get numerous requests related to job openings (mainly PR, marketing, communications, IT…), reporters looking for news sources, fun/innovative social media sites and such. As you can imagine, it’s a lot of information and I want to SHARE it!

I currently send out 20+ emails, tweets, etc… each day to many different friends and connections. I’d like to make this easier on me and for everyone who submits information. If you’re interested in accessing this information real time, “friend” me on Facebook and subscribe to my “notes” as a RSS newsfeed.

Check your Facebook page daily (I’ll update information at least twice a day, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Feel free to send this information to your Facebook friends. If they’re not my “friend” let them know to send me a request with “I want to join your NOTES” in the subject.

The only thing I ask…if you land a job, a media source or whatever – share your story on my Facebook page (and grant me permission to share your story)! That’s it. I want to demonstrate the MAJOR possibilities of social networking.


 I’ll keep this short and sweet…  It is my goal/mission/passion/hedgehog concept to socially connect good people with other good people – FAST! Seriously. I want to be the Jimmy John’s of connectedness (i.e. social networking). You know, connecting people so fast you’ll freak? I’m talking about quality connectedness, not just connecting for the sake of connecting. So, reach out to me on Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, LinkedIn, Plurk, Youare, FriendFeed, Friendster. Tell me know what you do well, what someone else does well and/or what you are looking for/need.  I’ll do my best to connect you with great people as quickly as possible.

You’ll notice on a few of the social network sites I might be listed as PRsarahevans as opposed to PRsarahelizabeth.  It’s due to character constraints. It’s still me…so connect away.