Connecting so fast I freaked!

In the spirit of my need for speed, my newest post…  As I’m building relationships on social networks, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (or tweeting) various experts.  I put a request out into the universe and it’s answered by those well qualified to do so.  For instance, just tonight I was struggling on what to do with my blog (as I’m a relative newbie). Instead of pulling out my hair strand by strand (which is actually very painful), I submitted a request to my Twitter family (i.e. twamily) asking for help.  Within three minutes I had three responses. No lie. Within 10 minutes, I connected with two people who offered me good advice and provided me with tools to make changes (hence the new look – which no one may notice since this is a new blog).

My experience tonight is exactly what I want you to experience when you connect with me. (I also want you to shamelessly talk about your experience all over the blogosphere).

With that, I’m going to sleep………………..right……………………now.