@ezrabutler’s experience on being named a Top 50 Tweeple

Guest post byhttp://www.twitter.com/ezrabutler

My whole body shook with trepidation. I woke up at night having cold sweats. The day of judgment was quickly approaching. @PRsarahevans’ unofficial contest for the top 50 tweeple to follow on Twitter was ending.

Logic dictated otherwise. I can easily choose 50 people better looking then me on twitter to follow, just to see their avatar pop up a couple of times a day. I had no chance. I’m not funny, rich, nor important.

The witching hour arrived.Then @PRsaraevans tweeted that it would only be coming out the next morning at 9 AM C.S.T. As I am in Israel, and Yom Kippur (the Jewish version of @PRsarahevan’s contest) was quickly approaching.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to see the list in time, as I planned to be in synagogue, fasting.

I started worrying more. I knew that chances were against me. But I would not find that out for 25 hours.

About an hour before synagogue, I checked my tweets: @PRsarahevans announced that the list was out.

Part of me wanted to ignore that tweet. It would just ruin my Yom Kippur. (Well, the fasting and the fact that it is simply a holiday of praying is kinda hard to ruin, but it wuold have.)

I could not not look. It would just take a second, I told myself.

I started at the #1 person. My name is not @popgloss. My smile turned upside down (into a frown). My chance for fame and fortune, all down the drain.

With some hope, I glanced at the next name (#2): and I realized, I am not @skydiver either. Peter Shankman is one of my role models, we can’t possibly be on the same list.

Using a mental recursive function, I iterated through the list, seeing names that made my jaw drop: #3 @chrisbrogan (one of the nicest people I have ever met), #5 @coachdeb (who I heard @blogworld, and sent me the nicest followup DM), #9 @guykawasaki (who has not placed me on twitterati.alltop.com, but I’m told is a nice guy in any event), #11 @garyvee (who is my god and truly a nice guy as well), #12 @mashable (amazing dancer, gives great manhugs, but beware if you wear sunglasses to clubs at night with him. They make their way to the top of his head.), #20 @briansolis (who singlehandedly made my trip to NY and Vegas rock!), #44 @gwenbell (who knows how to extend battery life on macs, and I know firsthand that she can dance, not like @mashable who simply stole all of the other really hot women away from me), all the way to #49 @jspepper (AMAZING PERSON! Follow him, meet him, annoy him at conferences… Really all heart. Really good people.)

And with that I finished the list. I made it all the way to #49, who was really deserving. I didn’t make the list.

Suddenly, I realized that I made the most basic mistake that any beginning computer science major makes. Arrays go from 0-[n-1], where n=50. I forgot to change the starting number to 1 instead of 0.
I quickly checked the last entry, #50, and I saw a name that I say 500 times a day. I saw @ezrabutler. I said, “Wait a second, I am @ezrabutler.” I smiled. I tweeted “FTW!” I changed my status on FB. i set my status message on gtalk. (I know that I could do them all from ping.fm, but I am too lazy)

I knew I was someone. I was ready to enter Yom Kippur a judged man.

Upon returning from synagogue over 25 hours later, I checked my email. It was full of new followers. Way too many to follow at once. But I started following people back.

I hope to have many conversations with these new followers, and form new friendships and relationships.

But let’s be honest: I am so psyched to be on a list with all my idols. Even if I am described as (OTHER).

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