JUST ANNOUNCED: Unofficial 2008 Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW




Thanks to @PCfirestorm for designing logo!
Thanks to @PCfirestorm for designing logo!






Thanks to all for playing, this was a FUN experience. With more than 900 voters and 2,500 tweeples voted for, the Twitter community definitely used their voice! I’m already looking forward to the 2009 contest. 🙂   

Are you following these tweeps? If not, you should! Voted for by their peers, the Unofficial Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW are those who provide valuable, informative and/or just plain fun content. The Top 50 winners are listed in order by number of votes received. If you are a Top 50 twerson, please email me at prsarahevans at gmail dot com to receive the HTML code for your “winners badge.” 


1.      popgloss (Up and Coming Tweeples)
2.      skydiver (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
3.      chrisbrogan (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
4.      jennalloyd (News/Media)
5.      coachdeb (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
6.      marismith (Up and Coming Tweeples)
7.      barefoot_exec (Entrepreneur)
8.      agingbackwards (Lifestyle/Entertainment)
9.      guykawasaki (Technology/Web 2.0)
10. newmediajim (News/Media)
11. garyvee (Entrepreneur)
12. mashable (News/Media)
13. realestatechick (Other)
14. fussypants (Other)
15. problogger (Technology/Web 2.0)
16. badbanana (Other)
17. jowyang (Technology/Web 2.0)
18. nwjerseyliz (Up and Coming Tweeples)
19. Scobleizer (News/Media)
20. briansolis (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
21. pistachio (Up and Coming Tweeples)
22. timoreilly (Technology/Web 2.0)
23. williecrawford (Entrepreneur)
24. mailourmilitary (Education)
25. dreaminaction (Up and Coming Tweeples)
26. joehageonline (Up and Coming Tweeples)
27. pprlisa (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
28. warrenwhitlock (Technology/Web 2.0)
29. statesman (News/Media)
30. jeanannvk (Entrepreneur)
31. jpostman (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
32. pitchengine (News/Media)
33. megfowler (Entertainment)
34. stacybrice (Technology/Web 2.0)
35. sweetsue (Up and Coming Tweeples)
36. auctiondirect (Automotive)
37. drmommy (Business/Finance)
38. annepmitchell (Technology/Web 2.0)
39. zachflauaus (Up and Coming Tweeples)
40. jessicaknows (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
41. laniar (Entrepreneur)
42. married (Home/Family)
43. techcrunch (Technology/Web 2.0)
44. gwenbell (Other)
45. katjapresnal (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
46. napp_news (News/Media)
47. fakesarahpalin (Government/Politics)
48. cheeky_geeky (Government/Politics)
49. jspepper (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
50.  ezrabutler (Other)

Special thank you to @PCfirestorm @bizownersonline @rorystern for your assistance. You are amazing!

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31 thoughts on “JUST ANNOUNCED: Unofficial 2008 Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW

  1. Congratulations Sarah!!! You ROCK!!

    Let’s do an interview sometime for NixTheNews.com (You can hear my latest with Internet sensation Jonathan Budd there now). Doing one with Carrie (Barefoot Exec) next week, and Willie Crawford “sometime” in October.


  2. What a great idea for a fun and growing environment! Thanks for sharing the top 50. Now off to follow those that I have not had the pleasure of meeting.

    See you on this list next year!

    To your success and beyond,

    Kelly Wissink

  3. Thanks so much for listing @MailOurMilitary! We hope more folks will join us in supporting our troops from the comfort of their computer chair.

    Big thanks to @Dayngr for the support!

  4. What interests me the most is how many of these people I’ve never heard of before. Twitter is a bigger, wider world than I realized. We all are so conscious of our own network of friends that it easy to forget that there are millions of other networks existing simultaneously that we have no knowledge of (obviously). It’s like a million flavors of Twitter only we all have a cone & an ice cream scoop.

  5. Thank you for voting, everyone! I’m honored you voted me onto the list!

    And “other” is most definitely the appropriate category for my tweets. *smile* Please @ me if you want me to follow you back right away. <3, @gwenbell

  6. Thank you so much for putting this together! This is so cool!

    I woke up this morning and had about 50 new followers! I have never had that many so *fast*! And THEN I saw the Tweeples tweet and figured it out!! Lol. Thank you so much! This is so fun!! When I get home tonight, I will put the badge up on my website, myspace, blog, etc 🙂 🙂

    Thank you!!!

  7. Wow. Thanks so much. Happy to be representing the government on the list. I try to take @garyvee’s advice – be a RAT (real, authentic, transparent). Glad I add value to people’s reading!! Mark

  8. Great list. Maybe next time include Mommy Bloggers, health, fitness? Just a thought. A great list of fantastic individuals! Thanks!

  9. I’m delighted beyond measure to have been voted to this list!

    I really am all about connecting, and hope to connect with more of you over time.


  10. Hm. I missed the voting entirely, tho I did retweet the nominations quite a bit – when was the vote?

    That said – great list – I agree with much of it! 🙂

    (although really? FakeSarahPalin? somehow, being real seems like it might be a pre-requisite! ;))

  11. Sarah – Thanks so much for putting this together. How cool is it that people think I have something to say. Lord knows what that might be……guess that’s why I’m an “Other”, eh?!

    Thanks again. You rock!

  12. Hey, my vote made the list, way to go @Statesman, Austin FTW! 🙂 I’m very excited to be on the list, especially since I am immersed in social media a minimum of 16 hours a day 🙂

    Also: I *love* that @newmediajim made the list- he’s such a nice guy! 🙂

  13. Great job, Sarah!! Thanks a mil for all your efforts behind the scenes putting this together. I’m honored and grateful to my peeps for the votes!! #6 is a fabulous number out of 2,500. YAY!!!


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