I <3 being tired as a dog!

My Bella when she is exhausted
My Bella when she is exhausted

I love using up all of my energy each day and hitting the hay thoroughly exhausted. I’m talking about  thoroughly and completely 100% brain-will-no-longer-function, tired. Where do I spend my valuable energy? Forming relationships and connecting good people with other good people.  How do I do this? Through a combination of social and physical networks.


It’s no easy accomplishment to grow and maintain a strong, integrated network. I get out of it what I put into it. The social media world I live in is a full time gig…people coming and going 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


Do you spend a signifigant amount of time connecting with others? How do you manage your time?


(I thought you would much rather see a picture of a cute puppy than me, mouth open, drool…you get the picture.)

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2 thoughts on “I <3 being tired as a dog!

  1. Cute picture Sarah. I too love that feeling of complete and utter exhaustion that comes after a seriously productive day. You’re right, social networking takes a ton of energy and time. It always seems like time well spent when you’re able to help someone out through one of your networks though.

    Looking forward to hearing who the top ten Tweeples are tomorrow!

  2. It’s so good (in an odd way) to see this comment because, as I’m diving in headfirst and getting more and more enveloped in social media (and doing it the right way) ~ I am the same way. It is continual, it is addicting, it does “require” continual participation. So I find myself forcing myself to GO TO BED at night even though I’m SO tired….alas! But no complaints…it’s all good for sure.

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