Lather, Rinse, Retweet…

I wonder what YOU think about using repetition as a tactic in social media. I wonder what YOU think about using repetition as a tactic in social media.


Seriously though. A follower of mine made a good point today. She said something like “Sarah, while you are awesome and wonderful in so many ways, you tend to repeat yourself a lot.” (Um, she really only said the last seven words.)


Here’s the thing. She was right. I do repeat myself a lot. I actually do it on purpose. Why? I assume that maybe one in seven times I post something people will notice it. Am I crazy for thinking that? If I use the Top 50 Tweeples contest as an example…this tactic completely worked. Now…if I was telling people the ingredients of my Hamburger Helper over and over again, they might get a little ticked, right? If the information you are repeating is valuable to the reader, it’s okay.


BE THE CONTENT WHICH INTERESTS VIEWERS, NOT THAT WHICH INTERRUPTS THEM. (I stole a version of this from someone and I don’t know who…don’t think it was published.) How can I interest someone if they don’t notice me. Somtimes breaking the rules isn’t all that bad. And with that, I leave you my friends.


Good night!

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2 thoughts on “Lather, Rinse, Retweet…

  1. Sarah, as a follower of yours (and a marketer) I ‘get’ the repetition. I know most people don’t glance at their Twitter feed as often as I do (or maybe your commenter does) so making sure people see your promotion is important.

    One thing people need to remember is that following someone on Twitter is 100% voluntary. I’ve started to follow lots of people because they seem interesting – but I also drop lots of people every day because they end up annoying me.

    I’m still with you because I ‘get’ you. For now. 😉

  2. YEP! Especially on Twitter because @Karenswim takes up 90% of each page, so you have to really or no-one would find you.

    Anyway all the Big-guns in internet marketing insist that you need to expose your target to your message at least five times before they’ll act.

    (My apologies to ‘Tweeters’, you’re not ‘Targets’ of course)



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