Connecting so fast I freaked!

In the spirit of my need for speed, my newest post…  As I’m building relationships on social networks, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (or tweeting) various experts.  I put a request out into the universe and it’s answered by those well qualified to do so.  For instance, just tonight I was struggling on what to do with my blog (as I’m a relative newbie). Instead of pulling out my hair strand by strand (which is actually very painful), I submitted a request to my Twitter family (i.e. twamily) asking for help.  Within three minutes I had three responses. No lie. Within 10 minutes, I connected with two people who offered me good advice and provided me with tools to make changes (hence the new look – which no one may notice since this is a new blog).

My experience tonight is exactly what I want you to experience when you connect with me. (I also want you to shamelessly talk about your experience all over the blogosphere).

With that, I’m going to sleep………………..right……………………now.

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3 thoughts on “Connecting so fast I freaked!

  1. Glad I could help a little….. any more assistance just let me know.. as I’m here for ya!


  2. I found your blog through twitter…so looks like you are right on track to fulfill your goal. that’s the magic of social media, you never know when you may be building a new relationship or gaining a new follower. It’s also magical to find other people who prob live across the world with the same interests or goals as you.

    I’m also on the quest to build new relationships through social media my new friend 🙂

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