I’ll keep this short and sweet…  It is my goal/mission/passion/hedgehog concept to socially connect good people with other good people – FAST! Seriously. I want to be the Jimmy John’s of connectedness (i.e. social networking). You know, connecting people so fast you’ll freak? I’m talking about quality connectedness, not just connecting for the sake of connecting. So, reach out to me on Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, LinkedIn, Plurk, Youare, FriendFeed, Friendster. Tell me know what you do well, what someone else does well and/or what you are looking for/need.  I’ll do my best to connect you with great people as quickly as possible.

You’ll notice on a few of the social network sites I might be listed as PRsarahevans as opposed to PRsarahelizabeth.  It’s due to character constraints. It’s still me…so connect away.

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8 thoughts on “Welcome.

  1. Glad to see you got the blog up and running!

    I will be sure to keep in touch via Twitter and let you know what my peers and I are doing well.

  2. Great start. One layout issue.. the left column is way longer than the other two. I would move to a two-column layout which will make things easier to read.

    Good luck! Happy blogging!

  3. Hi,
    I love what you’re doing with connecting people. It’s a great service for all of us. Should you know any amazing Inspirational Luminaries in the wealth, health, parenting, couples, spirituality, business, etc fields, please feel free to give them my contact info. We’re always looking for ways to share inspiration.

    Thanks again for your assistance. Please let me know how we can support you and your contacts too. Hope your site skyrockets to the top!


    Gail Lynne Goodwin

  4. Love the idea of being a connector with a Jimmy John’s mentality. If you ever need any help connecting with folks in Detroit, I may be able to point you in the right direction.

    What was the inspiration for the 50 tweeple contest? Great idea.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Terry Bean

  5. I’m a consultant supporting the growth and development of social media in the government space. I need strong communicators with experience using Enterprise 2.0 / social media that are looking to make a difference in the field and the nation!

  6. Thank you for reaching out and adding me on Twitter! I am in a number of projects but they all surround my interests in fashion, style, beauty, food and music (we cover artists – pretty much all genres). I love covering these areas and my readers like reading about it. I have a Food Editor who not only talks about local foods used in restaurants but he also creates original recipes on the site as well. If you know of anyone who is looking for a foodie to be on a panel or create something amazing for a show, that would be great. We have also expanded into travel as we are hitting the road to cover resorts. I am also a jewelry designer of my own line in addition to the two blogs that I run. We also have a major project that we are finalizing that will be launched next year. If I can ever serve as a resource for you as I have worked in the fashion industry and am still very much so involved, please let me know. This weekend, I will see what sites your on that I am a member of and I will add you as well! I love when people love connecting others just to know that they can!

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