Are you having a “BAD” day? Me too. Awesome!

Welcome to a BAD day–Blog Action Day, that is. 

I normally blog about connecting opportunities and various social networking tips and tools. As I reflected on what I wanted to blog about for Blog Action Day 2008 I knew I wanted it to be meaningful and most importantly, connection-oriented. While Blog Action Day is one day of the year, it doesn’t mean that the good-deed doing it encourages should last the same amount of time. My eyes have been opened to the poverty crisis – and not just the poverty in the United States, but all over the world.

We are each united by a common thread–we are human. Staying true to our social media roots, and to the connectedness I constantly preach, you can help end poverty and MAKE A DIFFERENCE by becoming a VIRTUAL VOLUNTEER! That’s right. Make a difference from your computer.

CARE action network
CARE action network

Did you know? More than 30 million children in the world are not immunized against treatable or preventable diseases? Or that 134 millions children between the ages of 7 to 18 have never been to school?

The CARE Children and Poverty Campaign tackles underlying causes of poverty so that people can become self-sufficient. Recognizing that women and children suffer disproportionately from poverty, CARE places special emphasis on working with women to create permanent social change. Women are at the heart of CARE’s community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives.

BE A VIRTUAL VOLUNTEER! As a virtual volunteer with CARE Corps Online, you can create your own, personal space on the Web to let others know about CARE’s lifesaving work. From your site, you can generate interest and support for CARE’s mission and encourage friends, family — virtually everyone you know — to help you help CARE. Click here to find out more about CARE Corps Online.

How else can you help? You DO NOT need to contribute money to make a difference (although it never hurts). There are other ways to help CARE, like donating your cell phone. OR tell you legislator that you want him or her to take action.

Watch CARE’s video on the power of women and gender equality, then join thousands of others in the call to end extreme poverty by 2015.

CARE Action Network Toolkit

CARE action network
CARE action network

About CARE
CARE is a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. We place special focus on working alongside poor women because, equipped with the proper resources, women have the power to help whole families and entire communities escape poverty. Women are at the heart of CARE’s community-based efforts to improve basic education, prevent the spread of HIV, increase access to clean water and sanitation, expand economic opportunity and protect natural resources. CARE also delivers emergency aid to survivors of war and natural disasters, and helps people rebuild their lives. Click here for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs).


 I’ll keep this short and sweet…  It is my goal/mission/passion/hedgehog concept to socially connect good people with other good people – FAST! Seriously. I want to be the Jimmy John’s of connectedness (i.e. social networking). You know, connecting people so fast you’ll freak? I’m talking about quality connectedness, not just connecting for the sake of connecting. So, reach out to me on Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo, LinkedIn, Plurk, Youare, FriendFeed, Friendster. Tell me know what you do well, what someone else does well and/or what you are looking for/need.  I’ll do my best to connect you with great people as quickly as possible.

You’ll notice on a few of the social network sites I might be listed as PRsarahevans as opposed to PRsarahelizabeth.  It’s due to character constraints. It’s still me…so connect away.

Do you three way………………………………………text?

First of all, get your minds out of the gutter. This is a serious blog about a serious, and growing, phenomenon– those who converse via technology with multiple people at the same time (i.e. polyconversationalists). That’s right–participating in three, four or even more conversations taking place at the same time.

What happened to mono convos (i.e. talking with one person at a time)?
What happened to mono convos (i.e. talking with one person at a time)?

Some of you (who I’ll call monoconversationalists) may be reading this and think, “appalling!” While others are reading this and simultaneously chatting with four friends about four different topics (gotcha!).

I conducted a brief survey yesterday on Twitter which asked, “Do you text/chat/IM more than two people at the same time?” The results? 37 people (or 82% said yes) while 8 people (or 18%) said no.

While this is not a formal survey, I do believe this accurately reflects the ratio of those who conduct multiple conversations at a single time.

According to one Twitter friend, “If you use Twitter aren’t you automatically engaging in multiple conversations?” Based on my personal experience, I would answer yes. One Twitter follower, @meresgreen makes the conscious choice to not engage in more than two conversations at a time. Another Twitter follower, @nwjerseyliz (and Top 50 Tweeple) also voiced her opposition to the multiple conversations at a time.

While both points are extremely valid, it appears that they are in the minority and that more and more people are polyconversationalists (new word, ha).

A great point to keep in mind, just because a person engages in multiple conversations in one social media vehicle does not mean they do it in all social media vehicles. Thanks @tcharles.

I must admit, I am very guilty of participating in multiple virtual conversations at one time. I could never accomplish this feat were I in face-to-face interaction, but as far as virtual conversations go I’m becoming a pro. Which begs me to ask the question–is this a positive or a negative?

What’s your opinion?

@ezrabutler’s experience on being named a Top 50 Tweeple

Guest post by

My whole body shook with trepidation. I woke up at night having cold sweats. The day of judgment was quickly approaching. @PRsarahevans’ unofficial contest for the top 50 tweeple to follow on Twitter was ending.

Logic dictated otherwise. I can easily choose 50 people better looking then me on twitter to follow, just to see their avatar pop up a couple of times a day. I had no chance. I’m not funny, rich, nor important.

The witching hour arrived.Then @PRsaraevans tweeted that it would only be coming out the next morning at 9 AM C.S.T. As I am in Israel, and Yom Kippur (the Jewish version of @PRsarahevan’s contest) was quickly approaching.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to see the list in time, as I planned to be in synagogue, fasting.

I started worrying more. I knew that chances were against me. But I would not find that out for 25 hours.

About an hour before synagogue, I checked my tweets: @PRsarahevans announced that the list was out.

Part of me wanted to ignore that tweet. It would just ruin my Yom Kippur. (Well, the fasting and the fact that it is simply a holiday of praying is kinda hard to ruin, but it wuold have.)

I could not not look. It would just take a second, I told myself.

I started at the #1 person. My name is not @popgloss. My smile turned upside down (into a frown). My chance for fame and fortune, all down the drain.

With some hope, I glanced at the next name (#2): and I realized, I am not @skydiver either. Peter Shankman is one of my role models, we can’t possibly be on the same list.

Using a mental recursive function, I iterated through the list, seeing names that made my jaw drop: #3 @chrisbrogan (one of the nicest people I have ever met), #5 @coachdeb (who I heard @blogworld, and sent me the nicest followup DM), #9 @guykawasaki (who has not placed me on, but I’m told is a nice guy in any event), #11 @garyvee (who is my god and truly a nice guy as well), #12 @mashable (amazing dancer, gives great manhugs, but beware if you wear sunglasses to clubs at night with him. They make their way to the top of his head.), #20 @briansolis (who singlehandedly made my trip to NY and Vegas rock!), #44 @gwenbell (who knows how to extend battery life on macs, and I know firsthand that she can dance, not like @mashable who simply stole all of the other really hot women away from me), all the way to #49 @jspepper (AMAZING PERSON! Follow him, meet him, annoy him at conferences… Really all heart. Really good people.)

And with that I finished the list. I made it all the way to #49, who was really deserving. I didn’t make the list.

Suddenly, I realized that I made the most basic mistake that any beginning computer science major makes. Arrays go from 0-[n-1], where n=50. I forgot to change the starting number to 1 instead of 0.
I quickly checked the last entry, #50, and I saw a name that I say 500 times a day. I saw @ezrabutler. I said, “Wait a second, I am @ezrabutler.” I smiled. I tweeted “FTW!” I changed my status on FB. i set my status message on gtalk. (I know that I could do them all from, but I am too lazy)

I knew I was someone. I was ready to enter Yom Kippur a judged man.

Upon returning from synagogue over 25 hours later, I checked my email. It was full of new followers. Way too many to follow at once. But I started following people back.

I hope to have many conversations with these new followers, and form new friendships and relationships.

But let’s be honest: I am so psyched to be on a list with all my idols. Even if I am described as (OTHER).

JUST ANNOUNCED: Unofficial 2008 Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW




Thanks to @PCfirestorm for designing logo!
Thanks to @PCfirestorm for designing logo!






Thanks to all for playing, this was a FUN experience. With more than 900 voters and 2,500 tweeples voted for, the Twitter community definitely used their voice! I’m already looking forward to the 2009 contest. 🙂   

Are you following these tweeps? If not, you should! Voted for by their peers, the Unofficial Top 50 Tweeples to FOLLOW are those who provide valuable, informative and/or just plain fun content. The Top 50 winners are listed in order by number of votes received. If you are a Top 50 twerson, please email me at prsarahevans at gmail dot com to receive the HTML code for your “winners badge.” 


1.      popgloss (Up and Coming Tweeples)
2.      skydiver (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
3.      chrisbrogan (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
4.      jennalloyd (News/Media)
5.      coachdeb (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
6.      marismith (Up and Coming Tweeples)
7.      barefoot_exec (Entrepreneur)
8.      agingbackwards (Lifestyle/Entertainment)
9.      guykawasaki (Technology/Web 2.0)
10. newmediajim (News/Media)
11. garyvee (Entrepreneur)
12. mashable (News/Media)
13. realestatechick (Other)
14. fussypants (Other)
15. problogger (Technology/Web 2.0)
16. badbanana (Other)
17. jowyang (Technology/Web 2.0)
18. nwjerseyliz (Up and Coming Tweeples)
19. Scobleizer (News/Media)
20. briansolis (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
21. pistachio (Up and Coming Tweeples)
22. timoreilly (Technology/Web 2.0)
23. williecrawford (Entrepreneur)
24. mailourmilitary (Education)
25. dreaminaction (Up and Coming Tweeples)
26. joehageonline (Up and Coming Tweeples)
27. pprlisa (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
28. warrenwhitlock (Technology/Web 2.0)
29. statesman (News/Media)
30. jeanannvk (Entrepreneur)
31. jpostman (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
32. pitchengine (News/Media)
33. megfowler (Entertainment)
34. stacybrice (Technology/Web 2.0)
35. sweetsue (Up and Coming Tweeples)
36. auctiondirect (Automotive)
37. drmommy (Business/Finance)
38. annepmitchell (Technology/Web 2.0)
39. zachflauaus (Up and Coming Tweeples)
40. jessicaknows (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
41. laniar (Entrepreneur)
42. married (Home/Family)
43. techcrunch (Technology/Web 2.0)
44. gwenbell (Other)
45. katjapresnal (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
46. napp_news (News/Media)
47. fakesarahpalin (Government/Politics)
48. cheeky_geeky (Government/Politics)
49. jspepper (PR/Marketing/Advertising)
50.  ezrabutler (Other)

Special thank you to @PCfirestorm @bizownersonline @rorystern for your assistance. You are amazing!

I <3 being tired as a dog!

My Bella when she is exhausted
My Bella when she is exhausted

I love using up all of my energy each day and hitting the hay thoroughly exhausted. I’m talking about  thoroughly and completely 100% brain-will-no-longer-function, tired. Where do I spend my valuable energy? Forming relationships and connecting good people with other good people.  How do I do this? Through a combination of social and physical networks.


It’s no easy accomplishment to grow and maintain a strong, integrated network. I get out of it what I put into it. The social media world I live in is a full time gig…people coming and going 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


Do you spend a signifigant amount of time connecting with others? How do you manage your time?


(I thought you would much rather see a picture of a cute puppy than me, mouth open, drool…you get the picture.)

Lather, Rinse, Retweet…

I wonder what YOU think about using repetition as a tactic in social media. I wonder what YOU think about using repetition as a tactic in social media.


Seriously though. A follower of mine made a good point today. She said something like “Sarah, while you are awesome and wonderful in so many ways, you tend to repeat yourself a lot.” (Um, she really only said the last seven words.)


Here’s the thing. She was right. I do repeat myself a lot. I actually do it on purpose. Why? I assume that maybe one in seven times I post something people will notice it. Am I crazy for thinking that? If I use the Top 50 Tweeples contest as an example…this tactic completely worked. Now…if I was telling people the ingredients of my Hamburger Helper over and over again, they might get a little ticked, right? If the information you are repeating is valuable to the reader, it’s okay.


BE THE CONTENT WHICH INTERESTS VIEWERS, NOT THAT WHICH INTERRUPTS THEM. (I stole a version of this from someone and I don’t know who…don’t think it was published.) How can I interest someone if they don’t notice me. Somtimes breaking the rules isn’t all that bad. And with that, I leave you my friends.


Good night!

Are you a virtual voyeur?

You’ve taken the first step. Signed up on social network sites, found a few people to friend/follow/buddy. Now what?


Found yourself staring at the screen or watching other people’s conversations?


I know. I know. It’s weird. It’s like that feeling you get when you’re at a party, see two people talking and want to jump in the convo, but can’t find the right opening.






Social networkers LOVE to find new people to connect with. The beauty of sites, like Twitter, are designed for you to search out people and start up a convo.


In fact, one person I follow on Twitter (who shall remain nameless) was so annoyed that no one was talking to her that she sent out a message that said something to the affect of, “Hello?! Why is no one talking to me? Somone say  HELLO!”  It worked. I said hello and immediatelly began a conversation with her.


After reading this post, I challenge you to find three people who look like cool peeps and send them a message that says hello or what’s up and offer some statement of common ground. (If you’re still not comfortable, seek me out and I’ll for sure say hello!)


I bet you’ll go from virtual voyeur to super socialite.


Just. Do. It.